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The Vision of Grand Canal    Manhaton in Danshui
Combining with water resource management, intimate water environmental development and flood prevention at the same time, the vision of Grand Canal in 2030 is to reach the objective of safety, continuity and blessing through the basis of land management and education broadcast in such Grand River City.
The Vital Administrative Milestone for the Coming 4 years
As the results of rapid development in economy and metropolitan, Taipei area has become prospered and intensively populated. Therefore, the needs for green land for modern metropolitan become more and more urgent. To provide Taipei citizens with recreation and sport places for daily life, we came up with the idea of Sishui program, which targeted at the intimate water to promote the environment for the quality of water in New Taipei City. The idea of the project was originated from the concept of anti-water to core-water and also promotes the project of “one beach, two weirs, three stations, four bridges, five ditches and sixty percentage of connection”. The vital milestones for the coming 4 years are as the followings:
To develop Sishui capital and strengthen the function of flood prevention
    1. To facilitate the preparation of flood prevention and regulation.
    2. To weave the riverbank with green and blue.
    3. To coordinate the authority for integrating river basin and regulating water resource.
    4. To promote the effectiveness and schedule control for purifying polluted water.

To create garden city and toward to environmental protection with low carbon

New city with regulating water

  1. Real time updated information of the status for regulating water online under the supervision of citizen and media.
  2. More ecological detention ponds are provided for the purposes of recreation or school field trip.

New city with crystal water

  1. To regulate Danshui river by the installation of river management bureau.
  2. To collect more ideas from experts, scholars and environmental protection groups to organize committees for managing each river in the city.

New city with intimate water

  1. To build up a delicate bridge with art decoration between two cities.
  2. To build up river park and promoted intimate water park.

New city with Recycling Reserved Water

  1. To set up the schedule for remodeling all the sidewalks, public parking lots and parks.
  2. To introduce permeable pitch engineering and promote citywide after such experiment is approved.